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Internet searching software is relatively expensive. Is this software free?

Yes it is free. You can use PSE, create and distribute PSE Indexes free of charge.

What are your Licensing Terms?

Please download and read the license.txt file for more information.

What is the Index?

The Index is a small binary file. For example, if you consider that the amount of information contained within Sun's Java API User's Guide is 8.46 Mb, the index size is about 180 Kb. The Index contains all words from your Web directory (or whole Web site), including the information about each page, where a word is found and the "importance" of that word (used for sorting purposes).

Do you have a version for MAC or other OS?

The current version PSE works only under Microsoft Windows 95/98, ME, NT or Windows 2000.

I have on my computer only Netscape Navigator, does PSE work with Netscape?

No, PSE needs Microsoft Internet Explorer 4 or newer. If you don't have Microsoft Internet Explorer 4, download and install it free from: However you can use at the same time Netscape Navigator as your main browser.

I know that this particular publication contains the information I'm looking for, but the site does not have search capabilities and this publication is quite large. Can PSE help me?

Yes. If this web site has a PSE Index for a particular publication - download and import it in to PSE. Otherwise create your own Index and you will have full search capabilities.

I need to find some information on the Internet, but I don't know which Web site has this information. Can PSE help me?

No. Unlike other Search Engines PSE was created to search for information within indexed Internet HTML publications, such as published books or technical documentation. If a particular publication contains the information that you will need on a regular basis - PSE is the best choice.

How can I put an Index on my Web site?

You can find this information in the help.htm file, but we repeated it here for your convenience. In order to put the Index on your Web site perform the following steps:

1. Create a PSE Index for the document on your Web site (or whole site).

2. Export the Index and save it as a file with name "my_index_name.psi".

3. Put the Index file in your Web site directory.

4. Insert the following text in an html file:

<p align="center"><a href="my_index_name.psi"><img src="" alt="Personal Search Engine Index"></a></p>

    "my_index_name.psi" is the name of your Index file. Finally on your web page you should see the following picture:

Personal Search Engine Index

In order to put a link for a free download of Personal Search Engine just insert the following text in the same html file:

<p align="center"><a href=""><img src="" alt="Download Personal Search Engine"></a></p>

On your web page you should see the following picture:

Download Personal Search Engine


I cannot find some words in indexed book...

PSE has Search Delimiters defined in Options <F10>. By default they are: ' ' 9 10 13 ',' ';' '+' '-' '(' ')' '" (where 9 = tab, 10 and 13 = line break). If searching word  has those symbols then it cannot be found, because those symbols used to separate the text and there are no words in the index containing those symbols. You can always change Search Delimiters simply editing it in Options. (For instance in order to save expression "-x" in index delete "-" delimiter).


What are the limitations of the current version?

The following are known limitations of the current PSE version:

You Can create as many Indexes as you want (the theoretical limit is 2 billion) and we hope that you will never reach this limits.

I have a problem with BDE installation...

PSE uses the Borland Database Engine to store data on local computer. It is very fast and reliable Database for local computer from Borland Inc. However there may be some problems with installation. Please follow next steps to fix it:


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