Russian Keyboard Online with Spell Check (Cyrillic Virtual Keyboard)
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Turn on the phrase suggestions [click on suggested word to insert in text]. F7 = Spellcheck
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  • If you have a Mobile Smartphone or a Smartphone Tablet, like Samsung Galaxy, iPad, iPod, iPhone - try our virtual keyboard for Mobile:
  • Use Russian Keyboard Online page if you don't have a program to type Cyrillic. No installation of Russian keyboard driver is required. No need to click with your mouse on each keyboard button, just start typing (you can use a mouse, if you would like). Copy and paste entered text to other software, like text editor, e-mail, etc. You can adjust the size of text box using small blue arrows in the top left corner of the box.
  • Press Ctrl+Shift, or the F12 key, or click on the En / Ru virtual keyboard keys to switch between English / Russian. You can change the keyboard layout by clicking "Layout" keyboard key. Click the "Clear" keyboard key to delete all text in the input box.
  • To use Russian Spell Check press the F7 key (or click the "Spell" button on the virtual keyboard). We replaced the Java Applet Spell Checker with remote server service. Now you don't need a Java Virtual Machine for this service and all popular browsers are supported. You have to allow pop-up, so the program can display a window with spelling suggestions. Note: The text is submitted to remote server for verification.
  • You can search for entered text on major search engines clicking the search engine button. You can search all entered text or only highlighted text.
  • You can send e-mail with entered text directly from this page. By default e-mail message will be sent in Windows Cyrillic (Cp1251) encoding. If you wish to send a message in different encoding, click right mouse button in the email address entry form and select required encoding from popup menu.
  • You can translate Russian text to English or English text to Russian clicking corresponding translation button. Your text will be automatically submitted to the Google Translate Service.
  • You can decode text pasted from other source (for example, from e-mail), clicking the Decode button. The decoding process takes place on your local computer, so your privacy is protected.
  • You can turn on the suggestions to complete a phrase. By default this service is turned off to protect your privacy. To turn on the phrase suggestions, click on the grey box below the text area. To turn suggestions off please refresh this page in your browser. When the phrase suggestions service is on, the program will send a few words from entered text to secure remote server, which will analyse the text and suggest a possible next word. This can help you to find the right word, and it is especially useful when you are typing text in foreign (for you) language. The service also does basic spelling correction of non-completed words. Click on a word in the grey box to insert it in text at the cursor location.
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