The Autocomplete / Type-Ahead with Spelling Correction

The Type-Ahead with Spelling Correction is an example of Advanced Suggester implementation, which can provide the autocomplete function with spelling correction. It involves the program predicting a word or phrase that the user wants to type, at the same time correcting already entered text. This feature is useful for search engines, text editors, dynamic selectors, etc.

In this example, we have a list of United States locations, including states, counties, cities, towns, etc. The user can select the location entering the state first, or the city name first. The system displays the suggestions, even if the user did not type the name of location correctly. The suggestions are sorted by population. To simplify the implementation, the entry box is displayed in an iframe, with the source located on the SoftCorporation LLC. Labs web site.

In second example, we have a bit more entries to choose from. The database of about 20 million records is presented by English language n-grams sorted by frequency counts. As you can see, there is no noticeable slowdown in response.

The home page for the Suggester project can be found on the SoftCorporation LLC. web site There you also can find the information how to download the latest release as well as all other information you might need regarding this project.

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